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“Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food.”


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BEETS Lower blood pressure, improve stamina and muscle power, slow dementia and aid in cancer prevention. GARLIC Helps boost immune system, reduces high blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and has antibiotic properties. CELERY Supports heart health, digestive function, is an anti-inflammatory, improves memory and blood sugar management. GINGER Helps speed up the digestive process, alleviates PMS symptoms, relieves nausea, reduces pain and aids in weight loss. CARROTS Improve vision and eye health, reduce risk of heart diseases, maintain oral health, help in the management of diabetes and improve skin health. CUCUMBER Is an anti-inflammatory, increases libido, promotes healthy skin and is good for your blood sugar. WHITE RABBIT Well... we already went over this in detail Alice! TOMATO JUICE Contains antioxidants that target free radicals and oxidative stress contributing to cancerous tumor growth, decreases stroke risk, reduces blood pressure and strengthens your mental health. GREENS POWDER Enerex Greens or AG1 are fantastic options for covering your bases. Just read the laundry list of ingredients! You can order online or find options at your local health store.

“In vegetables and fruits, God has infused medicinal power to help in overcoming disease.”


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